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Reet Aus // Can you enter the afterlife, wearing jeans?

Mon-Sat 12-20
Sun 12-18

@ Põhjala tehas, Marati 5, 11713, Tallinn

Exhibition official opening
Mon 14.09, 17:30

People are calling for a green revolution. The environment has become a security risk, sustainability a political campaign. Cities are competing for the title of Green Capital, and the European Union is introducing new directives. Climate neutrality is conjunction. The circular economy is a buzzword.

Do we know what that means in our rudimentary everyday life? The exhibition in front of you shows the complexity of the story – the attempt to stop the unstoppably producing textile industry. So that the garbage won't bury us. We want you to ponder on the possibility of a revolution.

The raw material is waste, which according to regulations can no longer go to landfills from 2025. In the European Union, a total of 25% of used clothing is collected. Only 1% is recycled.

But we can recycle a lot more. It is possible if we use every resource available, including our fellow citizens who might go unnoticed.

Recycling art in front of you has been made by female prisoners from Tallinn Prison and people with special needs from the Welfare Institution. People we've left out of the discussion. They deserve a creative voice – we are destroying our planet at their and their children's expense as well.

The exhibition visitor will first receive a tutorial on how to make an apron themselves. And then comes the moment of truth.

The exhibition talks about using the valuable upcycling method and how textile waste becomes a product again through a circular design.

Will you put your worn jeans in the trash again next time?

Partners: European Commission Representation in Estonia, Uuskasutuskeskus, Ministry of the Environment, Vanglatööstuse AS, AS Hoolekandeteenused.