Jaga üritust

Gallery OKAPI “Piece of Cake”

16.09.—19.09. 2020

We-Fr 11-18.00, Sa 11-16.00

Opening 16.09. /  18.00

@ Gallery OKAPI
The line between art and design has always been ultra-fine - both fill the space for expression and create emotions. But how does art affect the design and vice versa? And how does it all affect people? Historically, there has been a mixture of one or the other in many cases, such as William Morris, known for his wallpapers, or Alphonse Mucha’s cigarette poster - today we look at both of them as design and as art. At this year’s Design Night, glass artists will discuss design and art in the collective work “Piece of Cake.” Piece of Cake ”is made in a unique technique typical of Estonian glass art,” pâte de verre “. Maret Sarapu, Kristiina Uslar, Mare Saare, Piret Ellamaa, Sofi Aršas, Kairi Orgussaar, Birgit Pählapuu will present their “pieces of cake” at the exhibition and more closely show the symbiosis of design and art.