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15th Tallinn Design Festival Opening: "REET AUS// OUT OF FASHION - COMPLETELEY!" 

Mon 14.09 at 19:00

@ Põhjala tehas, Marati 5, 11713, Tallinn

At 17:00 pm / Opening of Design Schools ( II floor)

At 17:30 pm / Exhibition:  Reet Aus // Can you enter the afterlife, wearing jeans? Opening ( II floor)

At 18:00 pm / Opening of the EKA product design exhibition Spectrum (hangars)

At 18:30 pm / Product design award BRUNO exhibition opening (hangars)

At 19:00 pm /  Reet Aus // Out of Fashion - Completely opening show   (hangars)

The stage is occupied by the punk band Saint Cheatersburg, surrounded by fashion that spits on our understanding of what’s conventional. The choking voices of global capitalism, the isolation of human life, the space stolen from one’s neighbours and billions of used jeans are floating in our mental consciousness leaving agonizing complaints behind. Where lies the beauty in all of this?

The variations of Saint Cheatersburg’s sound work “Neighbours” drifts uncannily through both our physical and mental dimensions. We think we originate from there, but where we don’t belong. Exposing itself in the form of an animal, environment, fellow human being. The variations of our neighbours. Unknown to us in an unexplored environment, getting as excited as we don’t give a fuck.

The animal is a human to a human and the human is a human to an animal. The environment is the place of birth and decay of our jeans.

Performance as a prelude for awakening.

Illuminated by the glow of enlightenment, we have grown to believe that we are the crown of nature, thinking that we know it all and that the universe desperately needs us to form a moral ground for it to feel upon, just like the jeans need water. It’s a fantasy. A delusion. It is time to wake up from this dream, to face the complete loneliness, the isolation and sneeze. Like a bunch of gypsies, we stand on the edge of the unknown world, that is deaf to their music, cares for their hopelessness as little as their suffering and their jeans.

Ready, steady, zip up!

Designer - Reet Aus
Leather accessories -  Stella Soomlais studio
Shoes -  Uuskasutuskeskus
Director -  Kristina Paśkevicius / Elutants
On stage -  friends and other good people 
Music -  Indrek Spungin and Saint Cheatersburg
Song - Karolin Kõrre 
Video - Raigo Pajula 
Hairdressers -  Kevin Murphy Estonia
Makeup -  Anu Konze