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Clothing Design Show D_O_M – DESIGN IS IN FASHION

Thu, 17.09. at 19.00

@ Põhjala tehas, Marati 5, 11713, Tallinn

During Tallinn Design Festival an exceptional event of presenting clothing design D_O_M – DESIGN IS IN FASHION takes place. The audience will be part of a spectacular show that opens up brand concepts.

Through attractive and conceptual show D_O_M there are presented clothes that are worked through in the same manner as design products generally. Garment, the closest layer to our body, determine the health, freedom of movement, safety, general wellbeing of a person. Estonian designers always seek for the best innovations and strive for quality in every aspect. Designed apparel is something that lasts, is worth to repair and devise.

D_O_M production
Piret Mägi


 is a contemporary undergarment brand created to fill the gap in the lingerie market that catered to classical feminine aesthetics only. Crystal Rabbit celebrates the form and the magic of the body with high-impact minimal design. The garments are meant to be combined with everyday wear, layered over and under, to blur the boundaries of showing skin and hiding behind covers.

All items are made with materials sourced locally or as close as possible from Europe and are designed, cut, sewn and wrapped by designer Kristel Jänes in her studio in Tallinn, Estonia.

The products work on the body as a second skin or layer. And the body is like an Ancient Greece sculpture in the 21st century. These are the undergarments that break the classic expectations and flow abstractly around the human body.

Many thanks to Anu Tera and Uuskasutuskeskus.



MEKOOME-  the founder and designer of the Mekoome knitwear brand, has acquired an architectural education. However, he began to apply her knowledge not in the construction of houses, but in the construction of knitwear. Larissa digitally creates graphic landscapes and transforms them into knit patterns. The pixel pattern of each sweater, hat or neck describes a specific typology of the urban environment. And this architecture in the urban space seems to be transferred to ourselves, into our own clothing.

The patterns of Mekoome knits carry the charm of geometry and the warmth of high-quality wool in everyday life. The design of the brand's items is modern, artistic and clean in style. This is how two passions come together - architecture and weaving.



ALMA-  was the name of the great-grandmother of Anete Pedaru. Four generations of women have all contributed to creating the brand Alma with meaningful background and nostalgia. Anete has always been fascinated with bringing something old, beautiful, and timeless back to life. Through clothing, it is possible to revive Alma’s love, ethics, and attitude towards dressing up. For Alma, it was very important that the clothing was well made and could last for a long time. Now with the brand Alma, it is their task to continue providing these qualities through the clothing.

The brand Alma will always make classical pieces that can fit every woman’s closet. Their form has a broad line and in its own way is sculptural, even architectural. Alma's style is timeless, lasting longer than the seasons, and the clothes can be comfortably combined with the existing wardrobe as well as with each subsequent Alma collection. The brand's styles will last a lifetime, are not disposable and don’t become obsolete with the changing of the seasons. May the beauty last longer than the seasons.



Estonian Design House-  is a platform created in 2010 by the Estonian Designers' Union (EDL). EDM's mission is to introduce and commercialize the work of designers through various sales channels at home and abroad.

EDL's mission, in turn, is to introduce Estonia as a country with rising design potential and to build a reputation both locally as well as around the world.

The performance at the D_O_M brings together a collage of exciting newcomers and contemporary menus that local and foreign audiences have happily acquired in their homes. Not only clothes can be seen on the stage, but also chairs, clocks and much more.