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CONFERENCE "Design For Need"

Thu, 17.09. 10:00-15:00

@ Põhjala tehas, Marati 5, 11713, Tallinn

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Design for need in times of climate crisis should focus on objects and services able to play a positive part in solving the issue; which would make our environment safer and more enjoyable to live in. Special attention should be given for example to highly functional objects and health protecting, time-saving services. Yet, much of the current design is reduced to plain aesthetics or even glamour. Indeed, beauty and form should be integral to a well-functioning product, however, and above all, design should be based on people’s and societal primary needs.

In the first part of this conference we will hear talks from awarded Finnish designer Ville Kokkonen and renowned Italian industrial design and journalist Ubaldo Spina. David Kusuma, the president of World Design Organization (WDO), will lead the day, introducing the newly launched Mars project with NASA. Estonia will be represented by the engineering lead at Transferwise, Alvar Lumberg, and the Head of Product Design at EKA, Maarja Mõtus, who will explain about the changes taking place in design education and how much the crisis has affected students.

The second part of the conference will focus more thoroughly on design education. It seeks to find an answer to what type of designer is needed as Europe moves towards a climate-neutral circular economy? Practitioners, researchers and lecturers from UAL (University of the Arts London, UK), Polimi (Politécnico di Milano, Italy), DSKD (Designskolen Kolding, Denmark), and EKA (the Estonian Academy of Arts) have come together through an Erasmus+ project called the FashionSEEDS to rethink and improve the design education in the light of the challenges posed by climate change. A keynote speech from Pirjo Kääriäinen, from Aalto University, on collaboration and interdisciplinarity will open the afternoon section, followed by a series of short talks on Fashion Design Education for Sustainability. A panel discussion with international academy and industry representatives, led by Piret Puppart concludes the insights of the day on how to make design education sustainable.


"Design for Need"

▪️ 9:15 __ [Coffee, tea]

▪️ 09:30 __ Introduction - Ilona Gurjanova

(President of the Estonian Association of Designers)

▪️ 09:35 __ Video Greeting - David Kusuma, PhD

(President-Elect of the World Design Organization (WDO), Vice President of Tupperware)

▪️ 09:55 __ "Design for Emergencies" - Ubaldo Spina

(Researcher, industrial designer and journalist, Business Development Manager at CETMA)

▪️ 10:15___"Mission-driven Product Building - a Story of Solving a real Need" - Alvar Lumberg

(Previous Engineering Lead at Transferwise)

▪️ 10:35 __ "Time x Mass Weight Density" - Ville Kokkonen

(Widely recognised Finnish industrial designer)

▪️ 10:55 __ "Are the Students Prepared to Design for Need" - Maarja Mõtus

(Head of Product Design Departement at the Estonian Academy of Arts)

▪️ 11:15 __ [Lunch break]


"Design-Led Education for Sustainability"

The event, organised by the Estonian Academy of Arts, presents the first results of the FashionSEEDS project to the industry, design professionals and educators.

FashionSEEDS - Fashion Societal, Economic & Environmental Design-led Sustainability - is a project conducted by world-leading institutions in Fashion Education spanning over the course of three years. It seeks to develop a Design-led Framework for Fashion Design Education in Sustainability able to impact transformational changes in the Fashion System in response to the fashion industry’s severe damage to our environment. What skills does a designer need in a new, challenging time for Europe to move towards a climate-friendly circular economy? Partners from UAL (UK), Polimi (Italy), DSKD (Denmark) and EKA (Estonia) will expand the topic to rethink and improve design education in the light of the challenges posed by climate change, social wellbeing, cultural engagement and new economic models. The event will deliver the findings of the Benchmarking Report and the Framework Document for Design-led Sustainability Education, as well as give initial insights to possible sustainability teaching materials as part of the emerging learning resource repository enabling educators to adapt and apply the framework to a range of Higher Education Institutions.

University of the Arts London
Politécnico di Milano
Designskolen Kolding
Eesti Kunstiakadeemia

Funded by: EU Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership ref no 2018-1-UK01-KA203-048232

▪️ 11:45 __ Welcoming Words - Reet Aus
(Designer, Senior Researcher at EKA)

▪️ 11:50 __ Keynote Speech - Pirjo Kääriäinen
(Professor of Practice, Head of Education at Aalto University, founder of Chemarts project)

▪️ 12:10 __ Questions from the audience

▪️ 12:15 __ "Fashion Design for Sustainability - A New Foundation for Fashion Educators" - Dilys Williams
(Director of Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Professor of Academic Leadership at the London College of Fashion, UAL)

▪️ 12:35 __ "The Fashion SEEDS Benchmarking Report – A perspective on the Fashion Design for Sustainability Education in Europe" - Erminia D'Itria
(Doctoral Researcher at POLIMI)

▪️ 12:55 __" A Framework for Fashion Sustainability Education" - Julia Valle Noronha
(Associate Professor of Fashion, Co-head MA in Design & Crafts at EKA)

▪️ 13:15 __ "Tools and Activities for the Fashion SEEDS platform" - Vibeke Riisberg & Louise Ravnløkke
(Associate Professor of Textiles & Assistant Professors at DSKD)

▪️ 13:55 __ [Coffee break]

▪️ 14:10 __ Discussion Panel: Designer Skill-sets in a Climate Neutral Economy - Moderated by Piret Puppart (Professor of Fashion at EKA)

Panelists: Dilys Williams, Reet Aus, Oksana Skorbatjuk (Demand Generation Coordinator, Lindström), Kirsi Niinimäki (Associate Professor at the Department of Design, Aalto University) and Silke Lieser (sustainable marketing expert, founder of Gegenpol).



Disainiöö / Tallinn Design Festival



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